That’s her, but that ain’t her.

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Greg Nicotero and a bunny ♥ 

Greg Nicotero and a bunny  

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"Well I miss them all, but at the same time we’re still a family and we still hang out. I was just with Andre… with Laurie a few weeks ago and we still see each other so it’s not a total loss, we’ve formed true friendships that bond beyond the show, so that’s always a gift and a blessing and the shared experience that we’ll always have. But yeah it was hard, it’s always hard, it’s a hard process and it was hard to lose Scott Wilson just now as well and that was a really painful episode to shoot for that reason."

— Danai Gurira ("Whenever I speak to someone from the show, I always tend to ask them about the impact of losing cast members that you work with so much – who have you missed losing from the show?”) [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

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I want you to imagine how I felt fighting my way off that roof. One hand losing blood, walkers chomping down at me every step of the way.” 

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no one can make it alone now

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If you ever feel alone…

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